1-818-298-8165 We are one(1) of the best appliance repair companies in Sylmar and San Fernando Valley, we repair all broken appliances , we repair them all , we believe in integrity we stay loyal to our customers, we always stay behind our work, we provide you with written warranty so there is no need to worry because One Way Appliance Repair Experts of Sylmar and San Fernando Valley we are to the rescue, there is no need to worry because we always here for your your future customer, San Fernando is getting overcrowded the world is getting over populated no need need , One Way Appliance Repair Technicians educated we are related to all appliance repair  like:

  • Refrigerator Repair in Sylmar and San Fernando Valley ( LG | GE | Frigidare | Whirlpool | Maytag | Amana | Thermador | Sub-Zero) We also repair commercial refrigerators like Walk in coolers walk in refrigerators walk in freezers and we repair True Brands and coca cola brands!

  • Washer Repair - Washing Machine Repair Sylmar and San Fernando Valley we repair all following brands ( Whirlpool | Maytag | Amana | LG | BOSCH | GE | Frigidare) One Way Appliance Repair PRO Experts in Sylmar and San Fernando Valley always to the rescue on time and within your budget if your washer don't spin of your washer have an error code F35 or SUD no need to worry because we one of most respectful appliance repair companies and we are local.

  • Dryer Repair Experts of San Fernando Valley and Sylmar, when your dryer quits working on you it's the worth think could happen to your after  you finish washing your clothes , all jackets and towels are wet it's sad situation when your dryer works spins but does not heat up! strange thinks happen there is only couple thinks could be the problem no magic, ( one of the most comment parts that quits working when your dryer does not heat up it's a Limit Thermostat also spark ignition could be the problem, hi limit thermostat also could be the problem, but make sure your air duct is clean!

  • Dishwasher Repair PROS of Sylmar and San Fernando Valley we repair all major problems you might have with your dishwasher , if your dishwasher does not drain than you in the right place One Way Appliance Repair PROS will be able to help you with any appliance repair you might have rather it's dishwasher no drain or dishwasher does not wash dishes to good or your dishwasher completely off no need to worry because we are your neighbors and we take care of our neighborhood ( Sylmar and San Fernando Valley)1-818-298-8165 we are Licensed Insured and Bonded.

  • Air Conditioning Repair, we could eazily repair any ac or furnace repair you might have in sylmar or san fernando valley we consider to be the best on the west , best appliance repair company in sylmar and sf valley
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