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 LG Appliance Repair Experts of Los Angeles (818)298-8165 if you looking for repair man in your area than you in the right place, our factory trained technicians fix all major LG brands in Los Angeles, LG life is good , LG became very known brand in Los Angeles area, a lot of homeowners in Los Angeles have LG appliances, Washers and Dryers, Refrigerators and Dishwashers. Our Factory Trained techs have to go to training, every month new LG appliance comes out, so we always have to be updated.  Our Appliance Repair Squad to the rescue, we have over 15 technicians in Los Angeles area.  LG appliance Repair experts of Los Angeles an Independent Appliance Repair Company and we are not affiliated with LG | LG is a trademark of their respective owners. Need your LG appliance  repaired today ? what are you waiting for? call us now to schedule an appointment (818)298-8165

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Failure CodeConditionCheck/Repair
“IE”Water inlet error. Cause : Correct water level (246) is not reached within 8 minutes after water is supplied or it does not reach the preset water level within 25 minutesEnsure your taps supplying the washing machine are turned on.
“UE”Imbalance error. Cause : The load is to small, the appliance is tilted, laundry is gathered to one side, non distributed things are put into the drum.Move the washing around inside the washing machine to create a more even distribution of weight
“OE”Drain error. Cause: not fully drained within 7 minutesCheck make sure drain is clean. most of the time something might be clogged up inside of the drain pump or the drain pumpt it self is faulted

“dE”Door open error. Cause: door not all the way closed, loose electrical connections at door switch and pwb assembly.The door switch assembly is out of order. Gasket on door maybe creased in.Try opening and closing the door, check to see the gasket 

CEOver current error. Cause: Main Computer Board Assembly is out of order, 
LELocked motor error. Cause: The connector (3-pin), male,white) in the motor harness is not connected to the connector. (3-pin,female,white) of stater assembly. Or the electrical contact between the connectors. (3-pin,male,white) in the motor harness and 4-pin,female,white connector in the main PWB assembly is bad or unstable. Or the motor harness between the stater assembly and main PWB assembly is cut (open circuit) Or the hall sensor is out of order/defective.
BEBall sensor error. Cause : Loose ball sensor connector,ball is out of order. This is displayed only when the start / pause button is first pressed in the OC test mode. IF not accessible than find a tech sheet or call the service technician in you area 
EE(EE prom error) Cause: EE prom is out order. Displayed only when the start / pause button is first pressed in the OC test mode.
PFPower failure. Cause : the washer experienced a power failure. Press Cancel or clear 

We repair all major appliance from refrigerators to washers and dryer ovens and stove, it don't matter what kind of appliance you have we can fix all of them , Refrigerator repair no cold no problem we can fix em all Dryer no heat! Washing No Drain, Or dryer take long time to dryer we can fix all those problems we come on the Van with tools and electrical parts in the van we will check all parts with electrical tester and we will diagnose it properly! Our technicians have years of experience in appliance repair industry, we carry most of the part in our trucks, affordable and reliable prices we will take you thru process how to maintain your appliances so you won't have problems in the future with any of your appliances!

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