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LG Repair Santa Clarita and Valencia (818)298-8165 have a years of experience in repair LG Refrigerators, LG Washers , LG Dryers. LG Refrigerators very reliable but nothing last for ever, thinks brake, for some reason if  your LG Refrigerator does not getting cold enough in Refrigerator Section it might be rather your computer board that is located behind the LG Refrigerator or Defrost Sensor, first think  you need to do is open refrigerators door and pull out the lower drawers and look on the back, if you see a lot of ice build up on the back , definetly something wrong with the fridge, because LG Refrigerators frost free, so feel free to call us , we provide same day service by qualified technicians! 

- LG Dryers one of the best dryer in the world, energy efficient, reliable, some LG dryer have a steam, great features, a little bit pricey but in the long run it pays off, LG dryer does not bring that many problems, very comment problem with LG dryer is Reset able Thermostat it's when it's not heating proparly or when it's not heating at all. Another very comment problem is when LG Dryer become very loud when they run, pulley might be the problem, so its not recommended to do a heavy load of clothes , avoid heavy load!

-LG washers washes cloth very well, LG washer one of the most quaietest washers in the universe, not that many washers can compare, LG is  a life style Life is Good.

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