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LG Dryer Repair Sherman Oaks

LG Dryer Repair Experts of Sherman Oaks (818)298-8165 We are the leaders in appliance repair Industry, we are your Local Appliance Repair Source, we always provide same day service with quality results. One Way appliance Repair experts dedicated to be on time and within your budget.

 = LG Dryer and Washer Repair in Sherman Oaks, Ca + LG Washer Repair Sherman oaks, CA + LG Dryer Repair Sherman Oaks, CA + LG Dishwasher Repair Sherman Oaks, CA (we provide service on following brands " GE | LG | Maytag | Amana | Frigidare | Sub-Zero | Whirlpool | Thermador | Viking | Roper | Dacor"  Recommendation to Sherman Oaks Residents once every 6 month Condenser Service needs to be done to avoid compressor from over heating ,  when compressor overheats it might cause couple problems with Refrigerator , problem number one is Free On( is a liquid same liquid being used for your car in air conditioner) second most comment problem is compressor it self quits working, compressor located on the back of your refrigerator, depends on the model of your refrigerator it might be on top! It's black rounded thing, looks like a motor, usually it makes a buzzing noise when it works. Every technician that works for Appliance Repair of Sherman oak EPA Certified! 

LG washer and Dryer very reliable brands, but bad thinks happens to good appliances, the most comment error code for LG washer LE it means rotor sensor as long as it doesn't make a loud noise and if it does and it shows you an error code LE possibility bearing assembly. That is why we only Charge $20 to diagnose the problem , give us a call and you will not be disappointed, we provide quality same day service in Sherman Oaks for all your LG Appliances 

Sherman Oaks: LG dryer when your LG dryer makes a loud noise when it spins, the most comment problem roller assembly, when your LG dryer does not heat the most comment problem is Ignition System or Reset able Thermostat 

LG Dryer Repair in Sherman Oaks (818)298-8165