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Home Water Valves

Check your home’s water valves to ensure that they are both opened completely. If the valves are not opened completely, the unit will not fill with the necessary amount of water. The IE will display if the machine is not filled with water in approximately 8 minutes.

If the inlet valves were closed, unplug your washer for approximately 10 seconds to clear the code and try the cycle again.

Inlet Hoses and Filters

Issues with the inlet hoses are one of the main causes of the ‘IE’ error code. To determine if your inlet hoses are causing the ‘IE’ error code:

Turn off the water valves and remove the hoses completely. Have a small bucket handy to empty any water from the hoses.

Once removed, check the inlet filters on the inlet valves on the washer. The inlet filters are intended to filter mineral deposits from hard water and other debris from entering the unit. If clogged, water will not flow through the filters at the required rate. If the filters are clogged, remove them from the washer and clean with warm soapy water and reinstall.

The inlet hoses cannot be kinked or damaged. This will prevent proper water flow into the machine. Straighten out any kinks in the hoses. If the hoses are damaged, they will need to be replaced.

After performing these steps, reattach the inlet hoses to the washer. Turn the water valves back on and attempt a new cycle to see if the error code reoccurs.

Types of Hoses Being Used

It is recommended that you only use the supplied LG hoses that came with your washer. If you are using FloodSafe hose connections, this should not cause a problem with the washer in a normal state. However, the connector on the FloodSafe hoses can influence the washer while the unit is filling. If using FloodSafe hoses and experiencing the ‘IE’ error, you would need to reinstall the supplied LG hoses and see if the error persists.